meet-the-team-seanI’m Sean, but my friends call me Larry – it’s a long story but involved a lamb and a bottle of Vodka – come for a piercing and I’ll tell you all about it. I’m the guy to come and see for all your piercing needs. I’ve got bags of experience so you know you’re in safe hands.



Pop Tarts, Building random world heritage sites out of Lego at 3am and the love of my life my cutsie little Chihuahua Ethel-May.

Ladyboys! After a beautiful night of passion with a Ladyboy in Bangkok I awoke still tied to the bed but my wallet and phone had been stolen. That’s put me right off, however, my current boyfriend will wear a dress for me and put on a Thai accent – so all good.

Examples of work:
Take a look at some of the piercings I’ve done below, e-mail me on or call the shop on 01229 586078.